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  • How soon do I need to reserve my date?
    Reservations are on a first come basis. I am a one woman opperation, so I can only accept a few bridal orders per week to ensure you receive the best quality product. Once you have established your wedding date, it is encouraged to reserve your spot by sending in your signed contract and placing your non-refundable deposit ASAP, especially during wedding season (May, June, September and October).
  • What is your minimum?
    A $400 minimum is required to commission your floral artwork. This can be one single piece, or a combination of curated pieces that total a minimum of $400.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes, a $200, non-refundable deposit, along with a signed contract, are required to reserve your date. This deposit will go towards your final amount.
  • Do you take orders for events other than weddings?
    I do! I preserve flowers for memorials, the birth of a new baby, or any other life event. The process to place an order, as well as the minimum, are the same.
  • Can you use flowers that are already dried?
    Yes! Any dried flower can be cast in resin. Even if they were air dried and did not retain their original color or shape, they can still make a beautiful statement piece and will be safely preserved forever!
  • How do I get my flowers to you?
    Once I receive your deposit, you can expect an email with complete shipping instructions to ensure your florals arrive to me in the best possible condition.
  • Can I drop off my flowers after my event?
    Absolutely! If you live in the Lubbock area, or have someone passing through, let me know and I would be happy to arrange a drop off if I am available! The sooner I receive your flowers after the event, the fresher they will look for your art pieces.
  • What if my event has already passed?
    I can make a recreation of your wedding bouquet or florals from your special event from pictures you send me. I will work with local florists to get the same variety of flowers (if available during that season) to preserve into a custom piece of art.
  • Will my flowers look like they did at the event?
    Every type of flower reacts differently to the preservation process, so while many will look almost identical as when they were fresh, others may change color or size when dried. Additionally, some flowers may have bruised petals that become translucent, but only appears so after the resin process has begun.
  • How long will my flowers last in resin?
    Since your flowers will be completely dried during the preservation process, and because I use a high quality resin with UV inhibitors, your flowers will be safely and beautifully encased for many years to come!
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